Sunday, July 01, 2007

a weekend getaway

the beautiful mrs k and i took the weekend off. tyson and hanna were with their other parents, and katie and kevin took eli off our hands and we headed to the lake. aunt jane's condo, our little home away from home. right after work on friday we boot scooted outta there. it's a cozy little place with a lakefront view and lots and lots of twisty, winding roads on the way in.
it rained the whole time we were there, but it actually helped us to relax and do not a whole lot except hang out together. we ate mexican food, and barbque, and hamburgers. that was, of course, to replace all the calories we burned in our big saturday workouts. she had a 7 mile run to do and i had a 50 mile ride, both of which went very well.
we were even lazier sunday morning. i slept until 8:45, an hour that i haven't slept til since...since....hmmm. mrs k got up with me, then went back to bed until 10. i watched the chiller network on satillite tv. i watched cat people, rod serling's night gallery, and a little bit of a twin peaks episode.

on friday night, upon arriving at the condo, we sat on the deck and looked out over the water. i looked up to the rafters and saw these little lovebirds enjoying a piece of wire for a perch. they were quiet and still, hoping we didn't see them, i guess. we obliged and only took a photo or two and left them alone.

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