Thursday, August 02, 2007

good training days

tuesday and wednesday were important training days this week because they are the only true training days. thursday and friday are very easy and saturday is a warmup for my off-road race at the show me state games in columbia sunday.

tuesday i rode to work the long way, doing short and long intervals during the ride. it was a slightly off day, with my heart rate being a bit high and my output being a bit low. i didn't feel bad at all, but i'm sure the lowness can be attributed to eli the destroyer and his insistence on being awake most of the night for many nights in a row.

wednesday i rode with ab for a couple of hours. we had the same workout prescribed to us, so it made sense to do it together. after a warm up of about an hour, we did min on/min off intervals, and topped them off with a mini pace line back to the store. i felt stronger than tuesday, and my numbers showed a big improvement, despite not sleeping again.

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