Sunday, August 12, 2007

Forty Years???

it seems that ma and pa zimmer have been married for 40 years now. 40 years. that's a long time. most marriages last about a year or two these days, so 40 years is even more impressive. they've had such a good run in part because ma zimmer is so tough. she gets more things done before anyone gets up and after everyone goes to bed than most people do in an entire work day. she reminds me of my mom, except ma zimmer loves kids and dogs. i'm the only one in this photo that was alive when they got hitched. all of these wipper snappers were sprung from the glorious union, oh so long ago. ok, not the other in-laws, like katie and jim, but you get the picture. this was the big shindig at the boathouse at forest park. they have a great brunch menu, and they were nice enough to accommodate our unruly group.
gratuitous elijah photo with mommy. he was keeping us entertained while we waited for our food. he was reading a usa today story on the new automatic transmission bikes that paw paw was so kind to bring along. eli knew all about the bikes, having already seen and ridden them at our store. he likes freeride bikes better. kids....what do they know?

gratuitous elijah-feeding-daddy photo. he had fries left, i didn't. being older and wiser, i was able to trick him into a game of 'feed daddy your yummy fries since i'm fat and already ate all of mine'. he liked the game, so i got more fries. everyone is a winner!

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