Friday, August 17, 2007

riding with the mrs

now that the beautiful mrs k is becoming a cyclist, we may get to ride a bit more together. she has been using her wednesday morning rides to get into shape, so we really do ride TOGETHER when we ride, you know, together. none of this riding ahead, wait, riding ahead, wait. it's not that i didn't enjoy it before, but it has become quite fun lately, especially since she likes to try to catch me off guard now and then by attacking. yes, she tries to attack me once in a while. it's quite funny. she also likes going down hill fast, and if i'm ahead of her, she'll go around me like i'm sitting still.

this morning we rode to work together. it was a first. we have ridden home a couple of times now, but never really figured out how to ride to work without also having to ride home. her brother kevin said he'd drive our car to work for us later in the day, so problem solved. after threading our way through south city (after dropping eli off) we finally found some open road. the ride to work has much milder climbs than the ride home, but mrs k was on some kind of secret hill interval day. she pushed hard up geyer. she pounded up clayton after we passed 270. she cranked up schoettler and finally cracked a little on the rollers going along chesterfield parkway. and surprisingly enough, we did a little pacelining along edison.

very interesting, this bike riding woman.

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