Sunday, August 26, 2007

friday night

was for the birds. we were happy to be dog sitting for rudy, rosco's brother and lifelong pal. he is quite happy living with hanna, but they were out of town and i was thinking that rosco would be very glad to see rudy again. oh, geez.

first, our power went off friday with the storm. we got home and found no lights and tons of huge branches down in the yard. great, another day i have to spend sawing those up.

second, eli just wouldn't sleep. then he wouldn't stay asleep. as soon as he did, rudy displayed his nervousness at staying with us by having explosive diarhea. several times. and then eli woke up again.

saturday morning brought with it no power. at least it was cool, we thought. after taking the kids to the playground and killing a couple of hours, amren thoughtfully called my cell and told me that our power was on....hooray!

even though i thought it fruitless at this point, i had to go on my pre-race saturday warm up ride. it was a great ride, without too much heat and a tailwind on my routes fast points. maybe sunday's race won't be so bad?

when it rains, it pours.

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