Wednesday, August 08, 2007

off week, lotsa work

as sort of a synchronicity type thing, as the workload at work gets greater, my first off week of training has arrived. august is typically a rough month in the bicycle business. it's non-stop pretty much from open to close. on the plus side, elijah is sleeping a bit better, so it's not all hard.

the beautiful mrs k rode home from work on monday, i guess to make up for my off day. she even did it in good time, not really longer than i take when i'm going easy. since she did the women's ride this morning, i figured i'd better uphold the family honor and ride home myself. it was a leisurely ride, but the heat ensured it wasn't too easy. it was a bad day for drivers, obviously, and they let their displeasure be known by honking at me. jealous of my devastating good looks, perhaps? my tan? my cool bike? ah, let's say all of the above.

the mrs is having quite the turnouts on wednesdays. they all seem to be having so much fun. it's great to see. i think i'll take a picture next wednesday so you can all see what shiney happy people they are.

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