Sunday, August 26, 2007

wednesday smashing

training on wednesday was brutal. the prescription was to go on a training ride with someone and try to smash them. yes, that was it. although much of my program is hard, none of it is really 'to the limit' stuff. i get to flirt with going 'as hard as i can', but i don't really do it much.

my partner in crime was anthony again. we busted out of work after a busy day and headed to franklin county. lots of hills, oh there were hills. my climbing was great, my flat land power was mediocre. that was fine because anthony just pulled me along the flats. we finished up with 3 hours in the saddle in the dark.

even though sleep time has been quite rare, my performance on the bike seems to keep going up. i guess that's what a sound program can do for a guy. each time i look at a weeks worth of workouts, i shake my head. 'can't to that'...'can't do that'...'how am i supposed to do that??" ...i say that stuff a lot. each time i get to a days training, i just say 'i'm doing it.' i mean, what do i know? i've been racing all my life and all i know how to do is bury myself. the time has come to listen to someone who knows what they are doing. so far, i have followed my program almost to the letter since starting it in june, and i am so much better off for it. i keep posting personal bests on my power meter, even though i'm just pushing as hard as the workout calls.

sometimes it pays to listen.

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