Sunday, August 19, 2007

training going well

i have been pretty slow to post lately because, well, i'm tired. i'm tired and i'm busy.

besides all of the normal household stuff that goes on everyday here at kakouris manor, there has been the training. since june, i've only had one week off of training. it's not incredibly high volume, but it's heavy for me and our lifestyle.

there are as many different types of intervals in my weekly workouts as there are intervals themselves. one minute? check. five minute? check. 10? 20? check and check. what about 20 second intervals?? checkeroo. and there is the occasional slugfest thrown in there with anthony. and it's all intricately sewn together to make this old man a racing machine....ahem....

and i think it's going well. i feel that way. my power tap says it's going ok, too. i guess the proof is in the pudding, and i'll find out over the next month or so of racing.

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