Monday, August 06, 2007

annual six flags excursion

it was time for our annual six flags visit. no way could we bring eli along, so grandma graciously kept the little guy and off we went. it was hot, but the sun was mercifully behind the haze most of the day. here, i give a pep talk to the kids before the mine train. it was not a very crowded day, so we got to go around twice very quickly. hanna always says "i'm scared! i'm scared!" followed quickly after the ride by "let's do it again!!"
the kids version of the superman ride. not very exciting for a couple of ruckus kids, but they smiled for the camera anyway.

another kids ride, but it was fun. tyson is playing it cool with the sunglasses. they were still wet from the tidal wave ride.

a picture of mom and dad on the big ferris wheel. yes, i wear the moots t-shirt a lot.

a picture of the crazy kids on the ferris wheel. they loved the view from the top. after this, we took them on the screamin' eagle. the screamin' eagle was also my first adult roller coaster, around 1975 or so. they liked it so much, we did it twice.

this is a very bad shaggy. what else are you gonna do while standing in line, eh?

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