Monday, August 20, 2007

she paints, too

yesterday, after a month of trying to find the time, mrs k finished painting the living room. it's nearly impossible to do such a task with the kids around. well, not the kids. one kid. eli. he is the equivalent to the tasmanian devil, krakatoa, mount vesuvius...our own bull in a china shop. but, he was contained long enough for the beautiful (and handy) mrs k to break out the 'iced tea' paint and whip the living room into a lather of st.louis bread company like colors. nice.


kirk r said...

Nice work, TK great to have a handy wife too! I am usually the construction worker, painter, etc.
Glad to see your family room done.
Where is the espresso machine?

Bobber said...

Nice color. I know exactly what you mean. We have been trying to paint our living room for months.