Friday, November 03, 2006


...whoa! sorry, i was sleeping. actually, i wasn't, and haven't been. you'd think i was sleeping if you checked out my accomplishments this week---notta. i haven't ridden. i haven't done much of anything. pooper has been sick, the mrs has been sick, the weather has been cold...

so my goal this week is to race the cross race without having done anything. it has to be better than the alternative, which is to race completely zapped of any strength whatsoever. that is what i have been doing, and my results speak for themselves. no sense in making myself more tired, is there?

on a plus note, we finally got our bike racks at the shop yesterday. never mind it took 6 weeks. never mind they delivered them when we were short handed. never mind they shorted us crucial parts to put them together. ah well, that's what next day air is for, right rudyrack? they are going to be cool, and a great way to organize our backroom.

my oiz is done. well, maybe. i may be putting industry nine wheels on if they show up. basically, it's done. and it weighs....22.375 pounds! what?? and there isn't any weigh weenie stuff on it! cool! i'll post pics of it this weekend. i'm excited to ride it.

in other news, it seems my old coworker, otherwise known affectionately as "the doop", seems to have "issues" with my current coworker johan. why? who knows. johan lapped the doop at the jb cross race and then the doop said johan was fat. awesome. i can't wait to see the action this weekend. cripple fight!

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