Sunday, November 05, 2006

tyson's last "football" game

here is tyson throwing the ball back in bounds.

football is what the rest of the world calls soccer. it makes sense that everyone else calls it football, i think. in american football, the ball is only kicked by 2 positions, the place kicker and the punter. sort of doesn't make sense to call a whole sport football when such a small part of the game involves the kicking, eh? who came up with soccer, anyway?

anyway, tyson's last soccer game was saturday morning. cold, drizzle, the occasional sleet (!!) came down. the parents were all huddled together, freezing, but the kids sure didn't seem to mind. it was the dark green team vs the light green team. st. johns vs st. dominics. tyson is on dominics team, which lost this time. that's ok. i'm not sure too many of them care yet. as long as they get to kick a ball and run and bump into other kids and get rough, they seem happy.

elijah and i stayed in the car and he figured out how the windshield wipers worked. he even sprayed the washer a few times. i was laughing so hard i bet the cold people outside thought i was nuts.


Patrick said...

The correct name for the sport is "soccer". Brits named is "Association Football" to distinguish it from whatn they also called football, known as rugby.

Therefore, whenever you hear a Brit get all smart-ass with you about calling it "soccer" [with their goofy attempt at an American accent], you can give 'em what for!

tk said...

well, i stand corrected!