Thursday, November 09, 2006

can't sleep

i can't sleep. i layed down for a while, but it was obvious that is wasn't going to happen.

for the past hour and a half, i have been reading Wikipedia on the subject of ford engines. it's amazing how much info is contained there. there is great detail, but my mind still wonders how much more there is.

like: i have never seen a working model of a flat-head engine. it sort of hard to conceptualize the exhaust gas being routed through the block and around the cylinders. egads! it's not as archaic as it sounds, though, as some hot rodders still use it.

or: exactly how do the MEL engine combustion chambers look? being that they are in the piston and not the head?

and: just how big were Boss 429 valves and ports, anyway??

i've never seen these things in real life, only read about them, and they fascinate me.

maybe i'll go to bed now....

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