Saturday, November 18, 2006

my tunes from i tunes

i bought the lovely mrs. k an ipod shuffle for her birthday. while she is pretty versed in things electronic, i am not. you, dear reader, are darn lucky to be reading this. how i figured out how to set up a blog is a testament to how easy blogger makes it for dunces.

the shuffle, about the size of a large quarter, is an amazing little piece. it can hold up to 70 songs or so, and you can clip it onto your sleeve or stick it in the smallest of pockets. it weighs about the same as two quarters.

initially, i had a hard time figuring out how to get music from itunes onto the ipod. i did have a lot of fun finding music in the itunes store, though. i got music from the 80's that i never managed to get around to buying then. we (mostly me) racked up $40 in a day and a half buying music. i burned a couple compilation cd's straight away to use in the ears are still ringing from rockin' LL Cool J at the maximum that the Mach 460 could pump out! i have never claimed to be cool.

once i learned how to download music onto the ipod (silly me, what could've been easier!?! uhhh...) the mrs. proclaimed it to be the best music device ever. she's been dancing around the house with it ever since!

i am now awaiting a gaggle of johnny cash cd's from the ulitmate electronics buff (dan s) that he stuck in the mail for me today. and my brother in law offered up some of his jc collection, too. my days of complaining about never having any good music around are just about over.

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