Sunday, November 19, 2006

i like 'em big, too!

my love for old cars goes deeper than the pure muscle car. this is my all time favorite, the 1969 lincoln mark III continental. big, sleek, and powerful. under the hood was the second biggest passenger car engine ford produced, the 385 series 460.
ok, so this is a muscle car, but the plymouth satelite was a big cool car, even without the 440 or the hemi. i almost bought a 383 version one time, but backed out because i didn't know enough about chrysler products.

a tie for my all time fav, the 1965 buick riviera. damn, this think is sexy, especially with the 425 buick wild cat V8. love the clam shell head lights, and the interior is to die for. this cars competition? the ford thunderbird.

my nodd to the chevy boys. don't like many chevrolet products, but the impala has always twisted my nipples. this is a '67.

another chrysler product, the '68 imperial. it just sounds formal, doesn't it?

the '65 sport fury, from plymouth. this one has mag wheels, but could come with some pretty darn homely wheels, making it a cool sleeper.

and, as a door prize, this one gets my goat. every time i see one of these things, i grow all nostaligic. i immediately think of a family, not unlike the Griswald's, trekking across the rockies in this bad boy. in '67, the ford country squire could have any number of V8's under the hood, most likely a 352. a 390? maybe. and there may have been some with the 428 thrown in, too.

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