Wednesday, November 15, 2006

3 months or 3000 miles

i don't really like to adhere to that, but i am forced by years of conditioning. i think we all know by now that the 3/3 plan is a myth perpetuated by the oil companies. imperical data from exhaustive testing shows that most modern motor oil hasn't even reached it's stride by 3k.

i had hit 3000 miles on the oil in the mustang. partly because i don't trust the dealer, and partly because i needed to crawl under something dirty and greasy, i changed the oil sunday night. 5.5 qts. of 5-20 and a filter.

of course, it didn't go off without a hitch. it never does. it seems that the convertible has a lot of bracing under the k-member (engine cradle). that puts the drain plug in a goofy position. i had to jack the behemoth up pretty far to get the oil drain pan under there. of course, i positioned the pan so that the first gush of oil wouldn't overshoot the pan. yeah, right. overshoot it did. only a bit, but i really hate spilling a drop. it's a thing, you know. i had gotten good enough from the succession of mustangs that i didn't spill a drop. not so now. i'm rusty, out of practice.

it is a good thing that i didn't trust the dealer. yes, the oil was still pretty darn clean, and yes there was enough. the problem? too much. each time i had checked the oil, i had noticed the oill looked to be over the max line on the dipstick. there ended up being 6 quarts, plus what was left in the filter!! and this was a ford dealer, too. those chuckle heads should know that a 4.6 2v takes 5 quarts. most mustang owners put in 5.5, though, because the dipsticks are a little funky and it's better slightly high than low....but 6.5???

i'll change my own oil, thanks. it's one thing i like to have control over.

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