Wednesday, November 08, 2006

love those '60's fords

the place where i work sets next to an auto repair shop. a couple weeks ago i had them swap the wheels for me on my mustang. when i peered across the lot from the shops back door, i saw the tail end of this beautiful 1966 thunderbird convertible. naturally, i grabbed the camera to take a shot of it.

while i was doing so, the service writer came out and told a bit about the car. it's been in storage for 4 years or so, and the owner has been doing a little work on it. it's a southwest car, so no rust is apparent. he popped the hood for me. 390? no, the 390 was the 64-65 engine. in '66, it's a 428! part of the ford FE (Ford/Edsel) series of engines, the thunderbird 428 was a 4bbl model belted out 345 hp and a whopping 462 lb/ft of torque, using a 10.5-1 compression ratio. certainly didn't run on regular gas in those days!

the thunderbird sold in sufficient numbers throughout it's early life (1955 into the 1970's) that ford only shared the platform from time to time with high end lincoln models (it shared platforms with the ultra expensive mark-III lincolns later, in 1969-1970) never shared platforms with any plebian ford or mercury product. in 1966, ford sold nearly 70,000 'birds.

this car features a tilt-away steering column, and dark bronze paint/interior.

cool car, i'm glad i got a chance to look at it periodically throughout the day.

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