Tuesday, November 21, 2006

weights, weights

the other day at the store we had some frames and a scale, so the natural thing to do would be to put them together.

the orbea opal frame, the same one i have, in a 54, the same size i have, is 2.65lbs. nice. the litespeed ghisallo is NUTS. in a medium it was 1.87lbs. holy disappearing mass, batman. did you know road forks weighed that much in the 90's?

the colnogo president that i showed on these pages recently came in at a svelte 15.56lbs. sans pedals but with campy bottle cages, in a big boy 58cm.

i'm planning on taking the Oiz to the shop today for a weigh in. i changed a few things around from my initial reading, plus added bottle cages. the rush race weight was around 26lbs. most of the time, so i'm not freaking out about the weight at all, i just want to know. my guess is sub-24, but anything up to 25 will be dandy.

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