Thursday, November 30, 2006

where did my indian summer go?

just yesterday i had the top down on the ford and tuesday i was riding in short sleeves and shorts. yeah, it's not right that it should be that nice. but, is it right that the indian summer should be ripped from our tenuous grasp so brutally?

i didn't even go to work today. oh, i could've made it there. the roads were only wet and maybe a little slushy at noon. i was worried that ol' bessy and i would be stuck for a couple of days in chesterfield valley. i've got all season performance tires on her...but those only go so far. front weight bias in a rear drive car, even with limited slip, is just a bad combination.

watching the news, it seems like driving anything today is a bad combination. then again, watching the news (with the continuous "storm" coverage!!!) makes you feel a bit like we're in for a snowy katrina. such sensationalism. those weather forcasters should be ashamed.

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Fingerbang said...

Today, I jumped in the Subie and headed down to the grocery store just for the hell of it. I saw some 'Stangs out there. Cowboy up!