Sunday, November 19, 2006

Party at the Pirtle's!

the wife and i were invited to a party at eric and kerri pirtle's house last night. this was significant for 2 reasons: a party meant we were able to get out of the house, and the party in question was at a house i used to live in.

in 2003, i rented a house in glendale from kerri, ep's then-girlfriend. it was a great little place, with a garage, huge basement, 2 bedrooms, hardwood floors, etc., and it was cheap. how else would i have been able to live in such a neighborhood?? i have some great memories of living there. that's where hanna began staying with me a lot. that's where dan s, lebeouf and i swapped out the engine in the '95. i met deanna while living there. i spent 6 weeks sleeping in a beat up recliner there...ok, some memories are not so great, but it's a significant era in my life, for sure. i moved out around christmas of 2004, which in hindsight was a huge mistake for many different reasons.

the house was perfect for one person, maybe a bit small for two. so when i had heard that kerri and ep were renovating it for their own consumption, i was intrigued.

i have to say, after seeing it last night...awesome. what a great house it has become. the mrs and i were in awe. the front of the house is similar to what it was like when i lived there, only painted better and decorated by adults. the back of the house now extends another 10-15 feet, adding an extra room off the kitchen with a vaulted ceiling and transforming the bedroom from square to better-homes-and-gardens cool, with an amazing bathroom. the garage was extended out toward the front, so the pirtles can park in the front of it and eric can fumble around with his bikes in the back of it. the kitchen certainly looks like it came straight out of a home magazine.

deanna and i wandered around the house a bit, fondly remembering what it was like before and marveling at what it had become. a nice trip down memory lane, and wonderment at what one can do with some imagination (and a home equity line of credit!).

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