Wednesday, November 22, 2006

official weigh in

the Oiz weighs 23.41 lbs. on the scale. with bottle cages. yee haw.

i'm happy about that.

i really want to do the thanksgiving ride at chubb tomorrow. i don't know if i should. i'm tired enough to see stars every now and then. i woke up this morning at 1:17 am. i stayed awake until 5:30, somehow falling asleep until 6:25. gee, that makes, what, 4 hours of sleep? on top of 5 hours the night before?


i've said several times that my favorite book is stephen king's insomnia. the lead character gets less and less sleep until eventually, he is able to see creepy little characters that cut people's life balloons, signaling their impending death.

i started looking out the windows this morning around creepy characters yet.

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