Tuesday, November 28, 2006

weekend riding

the beautiful mrs k and i were able to get out on our bikes for a while on saturday. what a great day it was! grandma and grandpa watched pooper for us. in return, we strung christmas lights on the roof of their house. it's a loooong ranch, and i'm no fan of heights, but it wasn't steep. deanna just jumped up there and starting stringing lights. i blew the leaves off with the leaf blower first, then helped with the lights.

once on the bikes, we rode down to jefferson barracks for a lap and came back. i took her up military and she did well up the climb. she really has a tendency to attack the climbs at the bottom and then falter at the top. i think she's got that licked now.

sunday, i took off solo to castlewood. it was an even better day to ride. i couldn't wait to try the Oiz again. i wasn't disappointed. the bike rides incredibly well. it soaks up all that i need it to in a cross country situation, and power transfer is killer. again, the fork acts like no SID i've ever owned...thanks kaiser! the bike climbs like crazy, both in and out of the saddle. technically, it handles well, exceptionally well in slow tricky sections.

i ran into a few people i knew there, including my old riding and racing partner, ethan. i was heading back to the car when we met, but i decided to stay longer and get in a little time with he and another friend matt.

the trail was in exceptional shape, too. lots of walkers and hikers, though. and bikes, of course.

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