Monday, November 20, 2006

almost forgot

i did a chop shop tonight on our growing corral of bikes.

the lefty carbon fork on the rush was leaking like an old harley. as luck would have it, the cannondale team mechanic was in town, and my man Luke had him give it some tlc. oooh, so smooth now. they aren't known for their trouble-free operation, but the operation is the best there is...i'm sold on it. i put the rush back together for deanna to ride, fresh fork, new brake pads for the hope's, new cranks, carbon post from the orbea...oh yeah, it's hot.

mrs. k's cdale road bike has been the recipient of all my older road bike parts. her r700 caad5 is now a dura ace bike with R600 wheels and other assorted goodness. i finished it up tonight with some better pedals from the parts shelves.

the opal was shifting a little funny, so i pinpointed the problem as a short rear derailluer cable. new cable, flawless shifting.

my second attempt at avid juicy ownership has started out just as my other attempt had; with spongy feel. only the front brake this time. i pulled out the handy dandy avid bleed kit, which failed me last time due to a faulty brake. this time, in 9 minutes i had a manly feeling front brake and a warm, fuzzy, accomplished feeling.

the chop shop is now closed for the evening!

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