Sunday, December 07, 2008

weekend photos

tyson's school holiday program was friday night. here he is with his girlfriends. we made those stars in our dining room last week. when our home is bulldozed under in 2088 to make way for some futuristic shopping mall, that glitter will still be everywhere.
eli is a big micky mouse funhouse fan. i can't give you a reason why he has those micky ears in this photo...maybe the woman in the gown in the background can shed some light on it.

everyone knows the moon is made of cheese....

dance like no one is watching...except dad, with camera in hand.

"this button here is to start it, and this one here deploys the jaws of life in the event that two male occupants over 300lbs each get"

save the circus jokes, we've probably said them already.

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Schvonzie said...

Who had the smart car?

Did you get to drive it?

Inquiring minds want to know!!