Tuesday, December 02, 2008

i'm addicted again

long ago, i was addicted to mtn biking. when i first started, i would go every single chance i got. out to the old weldon spring hiking trail when it was legal, chubb trail, and greensfelder. sometimes 4 days a week. i didn't own a road bike, and never intended to.

things change. a desire to become more fit and to be able to compete with road racers who would leave me gasping for air on the easier courses drove me to road bikes. and road riding has a way of drawing you in: it's just waiting for you right outside your front door. not so with mtn biking. loading up the car and the inevitable clean up take time out of your riding. and it becomes near impossible to take that time as life closes in.

well, some how, i've gotten into a routine of riding a few times a week. never very long, mind you. it's quite a dream to be able to do an off road ride like mitch the masher and company. but, even a short ride is enough to invigorate the mtn bike soul. and, i'm having so much fun on my new bike that i'm reminded of how it was in the old days.

i'm keeping a close eye on the weather to plot out my next outing. the bike is also quite ready to go...i wouldn't want to miss a ride opportunity.


El Cavano said...

Was it the bigger wheels that got you hooked again, or was it the single speed?


TK said...

the big wheels. the single is a plus, just care free fun, i think. you should take a long ride on someone's that will let you borrow it.

Anonymous said...

Move close to me and mtn biking will be out your back door. It is a beautiful thing. You'll wonder why you have a road bike again.


Mason Storm said...

Welcome to the Big Wheel Revolution homey! LC I will be building up my 2009 Big Unit sometime next week when it arrives from Kona, and after I put it through some serious Chubbin you can totally take it for a spin!