Sunday, December 07, 2008

despite shrunken shoulder, mountain biking continues

hey, i may not be able to do much, and i may not be able to do anything without pain, but i can still ride the mountain bike.

i braved the 21 degree morning and rode the jet for about 75 minutes at castlewood. of course, i chose castlewood because i knew the conditions would be good. however, after coming to the realization that it was REALLY FREAKING COLD, no trail would've had much mud. the ground at the 'wood was as hard as concrete. hence, there was great riding to be had.

i rode the fun stuff, and threw in a cardiac climb and three lone wolf climbs. the latter was to pump blood into my rapidly frosting finger and toe tips.

while i'm riding, i don't feel much pain in my back, shoulder, or neck. that's good. the bad news is that i will feel all of that a LOT more later today.

sounds like a fair trade off to me.

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