Thursday, December 18, 2008

niner jet 9

the jet is in it's final configuration. i swapped some important stuff out to get it to where i want it. i put on some x lite wheels, xxx lite bars, x lite stem, a thomson post, and an slr saddle. there's a bottle cage on there, but it's tough to even get a small bottle in and out. i'm going to have to learn to use a hydration pack, for sure. there are mounts on the underside of the downtube, but i don't relish the taste of farm animal dung.
i put on my trusty race face turbine cranks. i'm very weird about my chainring choices, so i dug deep and found that ta specialties makes a 29t middle and a 40t big ring for the 94mm bolt circle. i left the little chainring spot open. if i can't climb it using a 29x34, i'll walk.

i swapped on my juicy ultimates. the red touches are a nice match. i've been a fan of twist shifters for a while, but i don't like the size of the XO stuff. the X-7 shifters are the same diameter as the grip, which i prefer.
so there it is. i might refine it as i go along, but it's hard to imagine big changes. i don't think i have immediately fallen in love with a bike like i have this one.


Anonymous said...

Do those brakes retract?


TK said...

yeah, they do! they stop, they retract, they oooooozze coolness.

Krista Park said...

Nice build. How much does it weigh?

TK said...

thanks, Krista. i broke my own pact with myself not to weigh it. i was having so much fun riding it i didn't want to jinx it by knowing what the weight was. but...26lbs, 3oz.

and, after knowing what it weighs, i STILL can't WAIT to ride it! how is that after 20 years of riding mtn bikes?