Monday, December 15, 2008

last chance off roading

after the i-64 tt, the sky was still dark, but dry. that meant there was still a chance for me to hit the trails before it opened up and dampened the trails for the remainder of 2008.

i dropped the family off at home and grabbed the orbea. freshly converted to a geared/front suspension bike, i was eager to try the lanza out. there were a few riders out at the 'wood when i got there, obviously taking advantage of a crazy windy but warm afternoon.

none of the muddy spots were muddy, like they were on saturday. just sweet, tacky trail. i went crazy, and hit just about every trail in the park. the lanza is a bit quicker to accelerate than the jet, but it ain't no magic carpet ride! boy, can it carve a corner, though!

i ran into eric s and thrasher doing some sort of personal epic ride. i also saw todd h as i left, he being a fellow lanza rider (his looks better). exhausted and satisfied, there were rain drops on my windshield as i left the park.

mission accomplished.

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