Sunday, December 14, 2008

I-64 Grand Opening Time Trial

actually, it's only the first half to be Grand Opened. the second half is the city half, from hanley road east to kingshighway.

anyway, today was the day for runners and walkers and bikers to have their way with the new stretch of road. deanna and i, like many st. louisans, have fought with the closure of the main artery for 12 months and it's about time that it's done. so it was nice to go see the festivities unfold.

tons of cyclists were there for the fun ride, but it looked like even more hard core cyclists were there for the 8 mile time trial. i think it officially said 9 miles, but after many cyclists checked their garmins and computers, 8 miles sounds more accurate. there were a lot of ghisallo team people there, which was nice to see.

it was windy. really windy. that made it feel cold, which it really wasn't. it was close to 50 degrees.

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