Monday, December 29, 2008

rambling about riding

on friday i took advantage of the warm and ultra humid air to ride the road bike. i didn't have long, but i put in a solid, hard 30 miles with some good hills. ah, the outdoors!

saturday was back on the trainer with tour de france 2004. the new dvd player is spectacular. i spent an hour and a half on it and it wasn't so bad. i had forgotten cancellara was in his first tour that year at 23 and he took the opening prologue. exciting stuff.

sunday, the beautiful mrs k and i did a nice hilly ride into south county. we did robyn, weber hill, rott, etc. it was a lot of fun. she's climbing much better and i put the screws to her. she thanked me later...

tonight, the relatively warm weather had me out on the homegrown with the lights on. i put in about 20 miles around south city and i'm a better man for it.

i don't ever get to ride very long, so i'm thankful that i've been able to ride often.

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Dan Schmatz said...

I haven't been on a bike since sometime around thanksgiving. That's one month down of o riding, add another 2 and it will be like last year!

I need to ride.