Thursday, December 11, 2008

MRI~~ouch ouch~~more MRI

had a couple mri's done this morning. the first was the run of the mill "lay down in this tube and listen to all the electromagnetic machinations going on around you". that was followed by a series of injections in my shoulder to inject dye. those hurt. they were using this moving xray movie machine that they used to watch the needles as they went in to insure it was going where it was supposed to go. glad i couldn't see that. after that, it was mri time again, this time with a bad pair of headphones to listen to music instead of the mri noise maker.
let's hope that the mri's reveal a tiny village of gnomes living in my shoulder that are causing all of the havoc. i will then evict the gnomes with malice.

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kbova said...

if it makes you feel any better, i had an new MRI on my left knee a week ago and the result on Monday. looks like i should have bought the extended warranty on my first Arthroscopy... more tears in my meniscus and a cysts as well. no wonder my knee has been giving me hell. i go back under the knife in 2-weeks. lets hope this one last more than 6-years.