Friday, December 19, 2008

tim judge

my friend todd sent this photo to me, and it sent me down memory lane.

the great timmy judge was originally from florida. not only was he an accomplished bmx racer in the early days (late 70's, early 80's), but he was quite prolific. he was a complete motor mouth in a good way, and his jumping antics were legendary. he did a lot of photo shoots not only for his sponsors, but for magazines as well.

for some reason, in 1983 or so, tim lived in st. louis. i think his girlfriend lived here for a while. anyway, todd and i, as well as the great mark hildebrand, had the pleasure of riding with tim a few times and it was comical. a rock in the road was reason for a tabletop bunnyhop. any item with an altitude of 2mm or higher could be used to launch this guy into orbit. surely, higher things, like sloped curbs or real dirt jumps, were awesome.

after those days, i think mr. judge to into jet ski racing. naturally.

EDIT: here is his water sports business website- da judge

thanks todd!

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