Sunday, December 14, 2008

saturday is not a day of rest

mountain biking was the name of the game saturday morning. not that i was surprised, but it was a bit soft in places, particularly the roller coaster. avoiding that, the trail was pretty nice. justin's, love, grotpeter climb, you name it.

i rode upon some team seagal guys as well as some iccc riders. man, i can't wait to ride with people more! it's so much more fun. it was short lived, as everyone had some place to go.

there was much action in the chop shop (my basement work shop), swapping parts and pieces between bikes and putting the last touches on the orbea. i'd say that took a couple of hours, about the time it took eli to take a nap.

after that we all went out to noodles. mmmm, noodles.

after that we trekked over to a get together with some friends. once over, they loaded us up with the left overs. i guess that's what happens when you're the last to leave. there is a message there.

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