Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas day 2008

hey mom, aren't we sweet? we're very sure we deserve all of those cool presents down there under the tree. VERY SURE!!
rubik's cube. santa did not bring tyson's new hair style, that was free courtesy of his pillow.

you see, eli? even elmo has figured out this potty thing. what do you say we give it a go? (rosco believes that 'mater makes a great sleeping companion.)

whoa, dad! mom got tired of watching those tired old tour de france vhs tapes, too! she brought you right into the 21st century!

dad, from my vantage point that 8" screw should go in on the handlebar, but hey, don't listen to me, i'm only supervising. hey, how much wattage do you think this baby will handle??

wait, dad, i'm going to need a little serotta fit school action on this. my saddle height is way off. where are my speedplay's?

this program is hella cool, mom and dad! check out the curves and the scenery. this thing is going to help me get into the HTFU power challenge in 2015, for sure!!

silly boy stuff. nothing says christmas like a real live karaoke machine!

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Schvonzie said...

You can't loose with twenty two's!!