Wednesday, December 31, 2008

powertap sl and rol race sl

back in september i sold my powertap wheelset. it was a rol race sl setup with a wireless powertap. i sold it because i thought i was going to go for the new crop of ant+ compatible powertap...the one you can use with a garmin.

practicality got the best of me and i just built up a new wheelset, exactly the same as the one i sold. i know, pretty much a dufus move on my part, but i had a good thing and i wanted it again.

first time on it tonight and i did another power test to see how badly i would get pummeled in the HTFU power challenge in 10 days. turns out, i improved my 2.02 to 2.12. never mind that the first number was on a computrainer and this was on the powertap. we all know that it's silly to compare unit to unit, but i'm grasping at straws here.

good workout with an old friend.

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