Sunday, January 13, 2008

weekends-out of control

i've said several times that weekends here are just out of control. not completely unlike a frat party weekend, with booze, babes, and buffoonery. maybe a little. we have the noise. we have the mess. we have the spilled liquids (and perhaps body fluids). we have shouting. oh, we have the babes (hanna and the beautiful mrs k) and the buffoonery. i guess we're just lacking the booze.

we had a big mcdonald's morning saturday, along with the funland indoor playground. tyson managed to clear out the upper section when, uh, he forgot his manners in a very frat boy kind of way. another boy in the vicinity kept uttering loudly how much it "reeked". deanna got in a run, and i had one of my best rides in months. antibiotics? cold? they got nuthin' on me. later, after pork chops, green beans, and brown rice, we hit the movies. i have to say, water horse is one of the best family movies we've seen in a while. don't hate on it until you've seen it.

after yet another sleepless night courtesy of our small frat boy. just like frat boys, he never knows when to call it quits, never wants to go to bed, usually smells, is always eating, needs attention, and still manages to make everyone think he's so cute. we all got up to go to church anyway, with a detour to starbucks along the way. i rode the trainer for a spell. hanna and tyson made more home made videos. they also made some cookies, which i am trying really hard to avoid overindulging in. we hung some picture frames and some curtain rods. deanna tagged everything in the house with her new label maker, including the dogs. i think there is a label on the fridge that says "fridge." folded laundry. wrote in blog. zzzzzzzzzzz.

(i'd make a terrible frat boy.....)

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Beth said...

Word to the wise -- if you ever take your kids to Chuck E. Cheese (God help you, first of all), some of them serve beer. Stroke of genius. Thankfully, my step-kids are out of that age range.