Monday, January 07, 2008

record high temps!

saturday wasn't so great, but i took it for early january. it was 50 degrees and windy. i took the new bike out for a solid 55 miles. i was wasted after fighting the wind and my lack of endurance. i dragged around the rest of the day, and the beautiful mrs k and i stole out of the house to eat at chava's in soulard. we both sat at the table and stared at each other, her tired from eli's marathon days and nights, me tired from riding. we perked up when dinner came, and even shared a fantastic desert. we got coffee afterward so we could face the music when we got home, but eli went down without too much drama.

after church, the mrs and i went for a ride together. more wind, but it was a frighteningly warm afternoon at 73 degrees. 6 degrees above the previous record. after 2 hours together, she headed home and i went for another hour and for whatever reason felt great. i hit a cool loop a couple of times that included lindeman, doherty ferry, barrett station, big bend, ballas, west adams and lindeman again.

i made a trifecta out of it by riding to work this morning, something i hadn't done in a long while. it was great, but windy again. the roads were soaked with condensation, and the orca was trashed when i got to work. but i'm feeling fantastic. it's a wonder what a bit of riding can do for the soul, especially when fitness comes so quickly.


Schvonzie said...

3 days in a row!! I'll put the guys out here on notice!!

TK said...

ha, ha. i don't think anyone should be worried too much just yet. maybe if i can get out 7 days in a row, eh?