Saturday, January 26, 2008

my vacation continues

friday's ride was very interesting.  it went out of town in a different direction, and brian called it the big square ride.  i really didn't see much square about it, but it contained my favorite hill i have ever done.

just a bit after leaving the heavy traffic of tuscon behind, we started into gates pass park.  there was about a 5 mile lead in of climbing that was just steeper than false flat.  that was cool with great scenery.  once inside the actual park, the road narrowed and began to kick up to real climbing levels, and i started my lance armstrong imitation.  the hill was perfect for 100rpm climbing for about 2 miles, which i rarely get to do for such extended periods.  it would kick and mellow, kick and melow, but still at a fun grade, beyond my much hated false flat level.  finally, it turned upward to obscene levels and it was on.  it topped out soon afterward and went downhill.

we had a great ride for about 3 hours, despite really, really rough pavement.  after that, i was in the pain cave and very uncomfortable.  brian was fine, and did most of the pulling.  we stopped at pat collier's bench and soaked in a power bar and the sun.  on the ride went, well into the 4+ hour zone.  we ended the ride with 5 sprints.  i'd like to tell you that i mopped up the floor with brian in the sprints, but he got better and better each sprint until i barely beat him on the last one before we reached home.

pizza and a movie, ah, the life.  we watched boondock saints, which was good.  then out for japanese food with the pat and his wife.   we were beat when we got home and hit the hay for the shootout on saturday.  all told, i had 170 miles ridden in 3 days.  yikes.  

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