Saturday, January 26, 2008

the shootout

saturday mornings in tuscon are for the shootout.

the shootout is a big group ride that leaves from the university and goes south.  regularly, it is a huge ride.  this time, there was about 120 people on the ride.  it starts early, too.  7:30.  you know, when it's still 39 degrees and you have to wear all kinds of winter wear, when you came to a warm place to ride in warm weather.

we rolled out of town on bad pavement and worse riding.  as many bad ass riders as there were in the pack, there were just as many squirrels.  trying to avoid deep holes, cracks, creases and rocks on the road was just as hard as avoiding the swerving of the riders who were strong enough but not skilled enough.  somebody freaked out in front of me, i body slammed him, staying up but i was body slammed by another rider who went down.

i stayed in the group a little longer, then just popped.  i waited a minute, then caught on with a good group that pacelined some killer rolling roads all the way back to the main field.  brian joined us and kept the guys (and one girl) in line.

i was in no mood to ride, being tired and worn out from the last few days, but we completed the ride with no more incidents.

after the ride, we drove the convertible, top down, up to mount lemon.  what a beautiful place to be in.  great views.

we vegged a bit more, watched super troopers again, and went to dinner at yet another phenomenal mexican restaurant.

tomorrow, a short mtb ride with the pat and a plane ride home to see my beautiful mrs k.

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