Friday, January 11, 2008

Pantera du jour

love it or hate it, this high impact orange color has been used on a lot of cars the last couple of years. ford did a good job in promoting it's new edge with it, as did pontiac with the g6 gt's. this '73 pantera is obviously a show car, and i imagine that in real life it's paint is a mile thick of this gorgeous orange. i for one, am a fan of the color.
i don't know how the owner of this car would ever get the guts to drive it outside. i can't have anything nice, because i'm always afraid of hurting it. i'm the kind of guy who needs to have someone else put the first scratches on something really cool so i can then enjoy it. i'm pretty sure i could get at least a few runs through the gears on a nice day if there was a few nicks in the paint, though....

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