Friday, January 04, 2008

summer frantic?

it seems like summer around here.

no, not because it's warm. obviously, it's still the dead of winter. but because i have so many things are going on.

there's work. we had a staff meeting tonight to do some serious patting on the back for the people that made it happen this year. there is the thf team merchandise that i have to take care of. it's not hard at all, just always another email or call or detail. there is the team bio stuff that i needed to do tonight...didn't. oops. there is the planning for my trip to tuscon and the worry that i will be so horribly out of shape that i will spend most of the trip going 14mph getting a tan. and what would make me faster for tuscon? me getting my ride times to my coach so he can make a schedule...didn't. oops. then of course there is the omnipresent pull of the children and a recurrence of a sleepless toddler.

i think i need to ride outside tomorrow. for a long time. very far. and maybe sunday, too. just me and the orca.

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Schvonzie said...

I wouldn't worry about the tan. They go so fast out here, the sun can't catch us....... It makes sense if you think about it long enough.