Tuesday, January 15, 2008

do i still ride mountain bikes?

that's a darn good question. i haven't ridden a mountain bike off road in more than a month. it's pathetic. what's the problem?

the weather hasn't cooperated. it's always wet when i have an opportunity. i don't have the opportunity because, well, life gets in the way. i could go on and on with the excuses. bottom line: i haven't made the time. all this worry about my road riding and training causes off-roading to take a back seat. how ironic, since riding on the road improves my off-roading!

at least i don't have to worry about what i would ride, if, you know, i was able to go off-roading.

there's the red homegrown. it's been upgraded from a street machine to off-road status again. i parted it up nicely with x-9, avid ti brakes, a spankin' new sid, and the kaiser's old crossmax wheels. it's coming in at 22.5 pounds. very solid machine. it saw duty from about september last year until november.

the primary race bike is up in the air. it shouldn't be, but it is. there is the ventana el fuego, which is built to be the star. xtr and sram xo. niiiiice. never even been ridden. but hanging up in the basement is the orbea oiz. it keeps calling me. i loved the ride of that bike, and it's not very dignified to let it hang. there is no way that i am going to put both together and ride them both...none of them get ridden as it is. so it looks like i have a decision on which to put together and which to discard like yesterdays laundry.

all of which will be a distant worry next week when i'm on my way to arizona to ride with schvonzie. i'm hoping he doesn't drop me on mt. lemon. hell, i'll just be happy to be riding on mt. lemon. maybe he'll have mercy on my old bones. or, maybe i should just bring my mountain bike and give him a good schoolin'....uh, nah, i guess not. i don't even ride mountain bikes anymore, right?


Schvonzie said...

I don't know how to break this to you, but the only way we are going to see mt. Lemmon is by auto. I have our other days chalked full of riding.
okay, we'll get it in.

Seriously, send me your flight info so i can get these rides planned. I don't want you complaining how i didn't have some decent shit lined up for you to do when you get here.

O yea, all mexican places have been put on notice your ass is coming to town. The food is good and cheep. Jessica and i went out the other night, 2 margaritas, three entrees (yea, i was hungry); under 20 bones.

Anonymous said...

You going to check out Barrett Jackson while you are in that neck of the woods?

TK said...

i would love too, but i'm probably just going to ride and drive my convertible rental car. just like a tourist!