Monday, January 07, 2008


has the shutdown of I-64 in st. louis been the armageddon that it was supposed to be? no, not really, i guess. it isn't much fun. traffic does suck at different times of the day in different directions.

what's weird is how traffic has circumvented the area. i rode to work this morning and didn't find clayton road too bad, like i thought. but geyer was HARSH. ???? why geyer? and watson heading toward crestwood was heavy. south city dwellers heading for 44/270, i guess?

driving home, we found lindbergh to be curiously light on traffic....easy to figure that one out. no traffic funneling in or out at hwy 40. it was weird to see that godforsaken bridge just GONE. good riddance. that thing belonged in the 5o's. the shortest, tightest entrance and exits in the whole dang city, i think.

i'll be glad to see the whole shebang finished. i'm hoping for the expressway without the tortured hills and turns and tight shoulders. but, you know what? most modern road designers concede that drivers will flood a vacuum. so whatever, wherever that new, cool, wide road is, is where ALL the traffic goes. so, is the new I-64 project doomed already, before the first car drives on it's yet-to-be-finished tarmac? i don't know. highway 44 has always been a pretty smooth moving highway, built wide, with wide shoulders and smooth entrance and exit ramps. built to be a real highway first, rather than a two lane grown into a highway like 40/64.

i'll hope for the best. in the mean time, me and the missus will try to search out the best ways to get to and from the west....when we drive, that is.

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Jinxed said...

Manchester Rd isn't too bad either. During evening rush it takes me about 15 minutes to get from Hanley/Manchester to I-270/Manchester. They have the lights pretty well synced.