Friday, January 18, 2008

good thing i don't have an office job

i hate to shave. it's hard on my delicate face. and it takes time. and i don't have the patience for it. i could shave twice a day, as my 5 o'clock shadow is really more like a 1 o'clock shadow, 5 o'clock darkness.

but if i don't shave, it gets itchy. and scratchy. it's more grey than black now. i look really old when i don't shave. the kids recoil in horror from the brillo pad that is my face. and it looks bad. some guys look rugged when they don't shave, i just look unshaven.

electric razors don't work for me. all those great commercials about how electric razors can be as close as a blade are pure fiction. i've tried a lot of them, and using them is like shaving with a butter knife. i got one of those cool foil types this last time and i may as well just wish the hair away for all the good that thing has done.

just as well. shaving must be a way of teaching me patience.


Brian said...

I've never met a power shaver that could take my beard on...nobody loves super-awewsome macho dudes!

Norelcos and Brauns are for sissies and ladies-men! I spend my hard earned money on Gillette and Schick.

TK said...

i completely agree!