Tuesday, January 01, 2008

big boy bed

hi everybody! i've grown too big for my britches and now it's time that i slept in a real big boy bed! mom and dad have it all figured out.
here it is. it's pretty low to the ground, and has a little side rail thing to keep me from rolling off in the middle of my normal fitful nights sleep. at first, mom had the bed on the side with my friends poo, tigger, and piglet.

tyson came to try the bed out, too. we played and wreaked havoc while mom was situating the room, then i bashed tyson in the head with a toy 'cause i got too excited. i told him i was sorry.

mom finally turned the bed onto the other wall. she said it worked better. whatever. it all looks like a barrel of monkeys to me.

dad even had to try the new bed out. i was getting pretty tired by this point, and just wanted to get all the photo ops taken care of. this big boy bed is HUGE! i could put all my trains in here and still have room.

prayer time! god is good, god is great, now we thank him for this food, amen! now get outta my bed, you've got your own big boy bed!


Daniel B. said...

TK... Happy New Year!

By the way, if you painted that Winnie the Pooh mural on his bedroom wall, that's next-level, man! R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Daniel B. said...

not being a wise-cracker or anything... a couple years back, was involved in decorating a niece's bedroom - and her theme was a magical forest, with flying animals and crap. it freaked me out, man. the amount of detail and work, I mean. I was like, "she's going to out grow this in 2 years time"...

TK said...

db, we didn't do the painting. her brother in law did the big work, and another friend of the family did the characters. yes, it's a lot of work, but expecting parents have a real need to make things "right" for the little squirts...and right in this case felt like pooh and his pals.