Wednesday, January 23, 2008

tuscon tim

i got a message on my phone today from dan calling me tuscon tim.  i go on my first vacation in a couple of years and i have a nick name.

i got up at 4:55am.  i took my sorry butt to 7-eleven to use the atm.  i got to the metro link station at 5:20, in time to get a ticket and sit down...and remember i had to validate the ticket.  why?  and why do i always forget.  i didn't forget that it was 14 degrees as i ran back down the stairs and validated the ticket, and got on the train just as the doors closed.

two planes later and i landed in tuscon.  the beautiful mrs k had reserved a 2007 mustang convertible for my driving pleasure.  schvonzie talked me through the directions to his house from the airport, since my mapquest directions were still on my washing machine in st.louis.

tuscon is usually sunny and warm, but specially for me they ordered up wind, rain, and clouds, along with 59 degrees.  undaunted, schvonzie and i busted out for a 30 mile ride.  it only rained a tad bit, and i got to see the landscape.  what a great place.

as a bonus, schvonzie, me, and his wife met up with none other than pat collier for some killer mexican food.  we all caught up and hope to kick it a little more before i head back to st. louis.

we're going to do about 4 hours tomorrow with some serious climbing on tap.

i miss my family so bad!  i'm a homebody.  mrs k.  tyson.  hanna.  eli.  the dogs.  gosh, i hate vacations.

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