Friday, January 11, 2008

let's not have a repeat

there was more than one factor that precipitated my cry of "no mas!" just before the start of last year's racing season.

although my training seemed to be going good in january and february of '07, i got sick 3 times in rapid succession, punctuated by my infamous sinus infection/nonstop coughing. it happens to me every year, but last years was a doozy. i was so sore from coughing, i felt i broke a rib. add that to the "eli situation" and it was apparent that racing just wasn't in the cards. it's so hard to get moving when your legs get kicked out from underneath you.

so i was naturally pretty alarmed at the beginning of the week when i felt the sinus symptoms creeping in. i halted my workouts, started a dreadful regimen of home spun therapy, and finally gave in to antibiotics. problem hopefully solved.

i've never felt so close to being able to race in january before. could it be attitude? maybe. i was so not ready to finish racing in 2007, and maybe i'm still carrying a bit of that over. maybe i'm also not out of shape. riding doesn't hurt; it feels great, as tony the tiger is prone to say.

the more i think about it, the more i think that my break last year was a Godsend.

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