Sunday, April 16, 2006

what we did on our easter vacation, by tim

you don't see this every day. at least not here. maybe in compton.
sorry if i'm showing too much skin. we were trying to sleep.
this guy knows how to get comfy. we could all take a lesson in relaxation from rosco.


hanna did not come to visit this weekend, it seems she had lots of easter festivities to enjoy in her hometown, and she's been spending a lot of time with us lately. i'm still sad about it, but you have to take the good with the bad when there are multiple family arrangements, i guess.

we started the weekend on saturday morning, EARLY. elijah still likes to have his breakfast served as early as possible, usually around 6-ish a.m. that's after several middle-of-the-night snacks. i'm thinking about sending him to taco bell next time he wants to eat at 1 a.m....

i went for a leasurely 30 mile ride. i was still pretty tired from the last week, so i pedaled out to mason and manchester, and came back via barrett stattion and big bend. i saw so many cyclists out!!! the road was crawling with them. it sprinkled once or twice on me, but no rain.

i took the wife on her first outing since having the baby. we all piled into the escape and went to home depot. i know, i really know how to treat a girl, don't i? i picked up a new porch railing for mom's house (the old one rusted out), big trash cans and yard waste bags. woo, hoo, i'm a wild man! it gets better...we got hot dogs at quik trip, too!

after the stellar lunch, i went to mom's house to work some more. of course, it was raining while i was working on the railing. the upright post had rusted solid into it's mount on the concrete porch. luckily, i had the foresight to buy new mounts and hardware along with the post. it stopped raining, naturally, as soon as i tightened the hardware down. i then wanted to finish painting the bedroom and bathroom closets. i don't know what came over me, maybe fatigue, maybe a full moon, but i never got more paint on myself in my life. every time i moved, i smeared myself with just that much more paint. ug. on a happy note, my brother had cleared the building debris from the garage by the time i had arrived. it was so much more pleasant without all the boards and pipes and junk lying around.

we did a nice little lap around our neighborhood with the baby in the stroller. such a nice night!


easter sunday started pretty much the same way as saturday, early. i had a date to ride with the dirk man at 10a.m. i first had to make a trip to walgreens to get my asthma prescription refilled. 30 minutes and lots of bad service later, i had my otis spunkmeyer bannana nut muffins and pepsi in hand, as well as my inhaler. i was hoping mrs. k would get some sleep with the baby while i was gone.

the dirk man and i rode down in jefferson county. we tried to get more to join us, but struck out. i had done every road on the route before, as i used to live in fenton, but it has been a long time. i really like riding down there...lots of hills and two lane bliss. i ended the day with 50 miles on the odo.

easter festivities commenced at grandma's house with food, eggs, desert, and screaming kids. food was great!

i finally put the couch out to pasture. well, the couch is out on the curb waiting for bulk trash pickup tomorrow. i feel so ghetto having a couch on my lawn. hmmm, i don't know. maybe i could just go out there and sit with friends, like hank hill, and drink some beer. naaa, i don't really like beer. maybe a dr. pepper and little debbies??

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