Wednesday, April 26, 2006

very intense intense

the kaiser stopped by the shop tonight to show us all his very intense full suspension bike. it's an intense spider. no, it's no ordianry spider.

first off, kaiser is the sort of weight weenie that weight weenies can look up to. he does his homework (unlike yours truely) when figuring out how to make a light bike lighter...and keep it safe.

this particular spider has been awol for a couple of months. it seems that an anodizing adventure had gone awry, and i guess he's lucky to have it back. the frame used to be orange/red powdercoat, now it's a cool silver/gray anodized that is supposed to be impervious to scratches.

on our scale at work, this puppy weighed in at 21lbs, 11oz. wow. i think my carbon hardtail will be hard pressed to get close to that! the key to the weight is, well, everything. egg beater triple ti peds, extralight seatpost and crankset, some crazy brakes and levers (along with jagwire ROAD pads!), a carbon seat that would make you flinch, xo rear der, 8-speed twisters (!), and titanium bits here and there. and it even rides nice! a cool touch is the push industries modifed fox shock. very cool, indeed.

my maiden voyage aboard the scott scale should be tomorrow, barring any calamities. i'm going to be quite excited to be riding a rig that light. not as light as kaiser's intense, though. i'm don't rank that high in the weight weenie world.

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Davey B said...

dude, is that saddle the german speed needle.

even weight weenies agree, that thing is all show and no go.