Saturday, April 22, 2006

it's saturday! my yard is dirt and sticks!

elijah and sporty spice

i had put off yard work as long as i possibly could. alas, it was time today to make things right in the world. yesterday i spent my morning off doing the yard at mom's house. not too hard, just a lot of raking to get rid of the winters leftover leaves. but, it really didn't make me too excited to do my own yard this morning.

i have 3 enormous trees in my back yard and one small one. this made me start in my front yard, which only has one enormous tree. calling it grass cutting is sort of a stretch, because the front yard is mostly dirt mixed in with pine needles and the occasional blade of grass. after dusting the neighborhood with my lawn dirt, i tackled the "stick field".

the beautiful mrs. k and hanna picked up 4 bags of sticks while i bullied the mower through the thicket. rocks, sticks, baseballs, metal fragments and assorted dirt clods flew from my mower. i felt like i was mowing chubb trail. finally, after 7 full lawn bags, the yard is in decent shape. i'm hoping subsequent sessions with the mower will be less dramatic.

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